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Funding research,
awareness and
finding a cure

The Kim Jolly Lupus Research Fund was initiated by Kim’s family and is now carried on in partnership with Lupus Victoria, the leading lupus patient support organisation which aims to raise money for research, increase community awareness, and ultimately assist in finding a cure.

The Kim Jolly Lupus Research Fund has supported lupus research at Monash University for over a decade, having raised and donated almost a quarter million dollars. These funds have supported the growth of Monash lupus research infrastructure, including the largest database of clinical information on lupus in Australia.

Professor Morand said, “Monash Lupus Clinic now recognised as one of the leading lupus research centres in the world, it all began in partnership with these amazing donors and the shared desire to make a difference.”





Lupus Victoria is dedicated to making a difference in the fight against lupus. We organise a variety of engaging events throughout the year, including annual golf days, charity balls, Bunnings sausage sizzles, and more. These events not only bring our community together but also serve as important fundraisers.

The funds raised at these gatherings are instrumental in supporting vital research, increasing awareness, and ultimately working toward a cure for lupus.

Join us at our events to have a great time while contributing to a brighter future for those affected by this challenging autoimmune disease. 

Our Facebook support group, designed exclusively for people living with lupus, serves as a safe and welcoming haven for individuals facing the challenges of this autoimmune condition. Here, members are encouraged to openly discuss their experiences, seek advice, share valuable information, or simply release their feelings. The group operates as a closed community, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for its members.

While it fosters a warm and empathetic environment, the group emphasises the importance of consulting medical professionals for any serious lupus-related enquiries. Additionally, it provides opportunities for members to connect in person through region-specific meetups, facilitating face-to-face interactions and support among those in various corners of the state. Click the below button to join the support group.


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