Lupus Victoria Fundraising Breaks $100,000 Barrier

Since Lupus Victoria was established in 2014, more than $100,000 has been donated to the Kim Jolly Lupus Research Fund (KJLRF). As at March 2020, the funds donated to Lupus research were $108,000. The funds were the combination of donations from Lupus Victoria to the KJLRF and direct donations to the KJLRF. In March 2020, Lupus Victoria donated $29,500 to the Kim Jolly Lupus Research Fund as a result of fundraising activities in 2019.

The funds raised by Lupus Victoria have been used to finance pathbreaking research by the School of Clinical Services at Monash Health. The Head of the School, Professor Eric Morand said, “….. that with Lupus Victoria’s support, Monash has grown to be Australia’s leading centre for Lupus research, with a program reaching all the way from laboratory discovery research through to clinical studies and clinical trials. In 2019, we broke our previous record for international publications on lupus, and our international standing was recognised with numerous invitations for myself or team members to present at the biggest international meetings.”

The Board of Lupus Victoria is very excited by the research achievements and we look forward to your continued support. The ultimate objective is find a cure for Lupus.

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